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October 18, 1947 – April 8, 1997 

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Hello, Laura Lovers!

We know you are hungering for DECEMBER'S BOUDOIR, our film about Laura, and we can't wait to give it to you. 

As just about everyone knows, there is a dearth of film and video of Laura, and the quality is often not very good. (We have unearthed some surprises, however.)

There is currently more progress being made on the film than there has been in several years, but we have to be cautious as we put the film together, obtaining all the rights and proper legal permission for material.

Laura was a genius;  she was genuine and she was emotionally complex. Portraying her, her music and her place in the world is not simple. To make a film that honors and does justice to her high standards and artistic brilliance requires the cooperation of a great many people. We appreciate the offers of help that many of you have made and we will be contacting you. We're getting there.

Michelangelo was one of Laura's favorite artists, and a quote of his describes our feelings about Laura and December's Boudoir: "Somewhere in this block of marble, there is our Angel!"

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

With love,
Earthworks Films and crew.



The Film

Our feature length documentary, 'December’s Boudoir,' an exploration and celebration of the musical genius of Laura Nyro, is currently underway. This project is fortunate to have Maria Florio as its producer. Maria is an extraordinary filmmaker who has produced and directed numerous films that are visually stunning and musically compelling. She approaches her work with enormous heart, compassion and care. Her vision for this film is one of great beauty that will take the viewer who doesn't know Laura into her musical world. 

To see Maria's slate of films, go to earthworksfilm.com. Laura wrote and performed the title song for their Academy-award winning film 'Broken Rainbow.'  

We are currently looking for any and all available footage of Laura. Over the years there were fans who told us they had personal footage available. Bootleged footage won't be an issue! We would be most grateful to have whatever is out there. Please contact Earthworks Films if you have a gem somewhere. Appropriate credit will be given.

The comments you have made throughout the years will be an extraordinary way to define just who Laura was and what her music has meant to the world. We cannot think of a better way to define the essence of Laura than through your many voices. 

We are thrilled to have Jimmie Haskell, who produced Laura's groundbreaking New York Tendaberry album, as 'December's Boudoir's' musical director. Many will remember his stellar work on Laura’s Memorial Concert in October of 1997. 

We are currently seeking funding for 'December's Boudoir.' If you are interested in becoming part of this project, contact us and we will send you a budget proposal. We believe this film will be a major artistic and financial success because of the potential vertical ancillaries: several never-before-heard unpublished songs, re-masters of Laura's albums, a boxed set including the DVD of December's Boudoir, a book of her artwork and gallery exhibitions of her paintings and drawings.

'December's Boudoir' will strive for the same blistering artistic zenith that Laura created with her music.


We will keep you apprised of the film's progress. A heartfelt thanks to all who have offered encouragement in the past and who will continue to contribute to this project in the future.


The film homage to Laura entitled "December's Boudoir" is pressing forward.  Please click on the link below, Earthworks Films, to access the latest information.  I thank everyone, and there are so many of you, for your inquiries and kind thoughts.  We, all of us, can anticipate beauty and ravishing representation of Laura from Maria Florio, whose heart and soul are the driving, exemplary force in this project. 

Earthworks Film

To the many of you who write so beautifully and so passionately on the COMMENTS page, I feel a depth of gratitude.  You write from your hearts. There are times when your letters astound me with their eloquence, other times by their raw simplicity.  And I know it is your hearts that inform your hands which do the writing.  It is your words that will provide the real thread in "December's Boudoir", the one that makes Laura real, and  Laura would have wanted nothing less. Your words are a deep, deep pool of beauty, wisdom and kindness in and of themselves.




For your listening pleasure here is a beautiful love song from Laura, "Springblown". It is from 1978's Nested.


Listen to Mark Winkler & Kirk Silsbee discuss The Laura Nyro Project and sing her songs

Billy's Blues




This site, its format, typestyle, and colors were designed by Laura in the last year of her life.  There is no intention to change it whatsoever.





For your pleasure, here is "Springblown"  







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